Sunday, March 6, 2016

Time Waits For No Man

Time is Broken 2 by applepo3

Ever looked at the clock or out the window and think "Shit....... the fuck am I doing with my life?"
Yeah...... I do that sometimes, but hear me out. It's not a disease, it isn't going to kill you, but it can sure make you feel like a hollowed empty corpse. Sometimes, on what I'll call "sad" day, the thought does slip into my mind and I end up thinking if my life will ever be worth anything to anyone. I'm sure it will to my love ones, but will my life only be known to the people I know? Will the world pass over me like the bird you see flying above you? Just doing their thing, they see you, but they don't give a damn. Just like when we walk the streets or malls. Hundreds of faces, do we know them? Their story? We don't know if they have done something deserving of the noble prize (figure of speech). 

Have I found away to keep the thought of being a nobody out of my mind? Who ever figures that out deserves the noble prize. The though of being a nobody has destroyed the confidence of so many people. 

But I digress, the best solution I can share with you is that thinking positively is probably the best medication you can give yourself. The power of a strong mind/will is what will keep the darkness out of your mind. Now I admit, I have a will like the attention span of a squirrel. I am not a strong willed person, but I know when I need to stop feeling sorry for myself and think about the people in life that I really matter too. 

You could try positively thinking about the future like I think how awesome a father I can be. You could also pride yourself in something, I like think about all the small things I have achieved in life, it could be having a good job or being the go-to-guy for stuff I am knowledgeable about. I even once in a while indulge myself in shopping for the things I love because I know I can afford them. I love collecting playing cards. MA GUILTY PLEASURE!! So once in a while when I see a deck of cards that I like I buy them. The idea of being able to grow my playing card collection give me a sense of achievement. Knowing I can monetarily afford to buy new decks makes me feel a sense of pride. I think to myself, "Not everyone is able to afford to indulge in their hobby, but I can.". I'm not trying to boast of my disposable income, I just want to share how I can feel a that I'm not a nobody.

You may not be Steve Jobs or Justin Bieber, but I'm sure you can do something better or have something they don't own. Remember we each have something worth living for, you just may not have found it yet.

Well, know you know my story. I want to say a big thanks for reading. I know the post may not be as entertaining a some foodie review, but I feel this post is really down to earth.

So, if you have any comments please feel free to share them, Also, please share this  if you know people who would like a shot of life.

Have a great one.

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